Entrepreneurial Credit Solutions

About Us

Lassen Advisors and its partners believe that North America’s Lower Middle Market businesses represent the backbone of our economy, yet this market remains underserved by financial markets due to a combination of consolidation among capital providers and increased regulatory efforts. Lassen is positioned to be a one stop rapid solution for Lower Middle Market borrowers. We provide unitranche and junior capital loans to Lower Middle Market management teams with unique products or services.

Investment Philosophy

A lack of scope and scale common to Lower Middle Market borrowers exposes these borrowers to additional credit risks. Lassen will originate loans only to borrowers for whom we are able to identify objective early warning indicators and for which we have developed a responsive resolution plan. We believe that our investment philosophy, credit expertise, and collaborative operational engagement with each borrower enhances our opportunity for success.

Lassen’s debt structures are intended to be non-dilutive to existing owners relative to other forms of capital while remaining very well structured in order to support principal preservation.

Lassen Borrowers

  • Dedicated management teams with ownership position and passion
  • Leading businesses with Unique & Hard to Replicate
  • Products/Services
  • Demonstrated 3 year cash flow

Lassen Underwriting

  • Collaborative & non-dilutive capital
  • Principal’s 360 degree due diligence
  • Conservative underwriting
  • philosophy
  • Senior Secured
  • Covenants tied to business/industry specific Alert Early Warning Signs

Portfolio Engagement

  • Principals engage weekly with each borrower
  • Early Warning Indicators reviewed and compared to projections
  • Each borrower has access to network of consultants and industry experts
  • Industry Experts
  • Financial Experts
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